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Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela

Venezuela has much to offer, in fact it has it all. here is some of the best...

Venezuela is one of Latin America' s great unknowns.
The country has been traditionally bypassed by the "gringo trail" that winds from Mexico City" to Tierra del Fuego, and travelers who have visited almost everywhere else in the region confess to never being lured to its shores.

Even foreign journalists who regularly" cover South America have been known to shrug and ask: "What's in Venezuela ­besides oil?"
This is largely a hold over from the 1970s, when petrol-rich Venezuela was one of the most expensive countries on the planet and Venezuelans were the tourists, not the hosts.
It is an unfortunate tourism that travelers often benefit from a country's economic woes, and With the local currency' s decline, Venezuela has become a bargain destination.

First gaining attention for its 2500 km (1750 miles) of pristine Caribbean coastline, Venezuela is now beginning to be the hotspot of the Americas.




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Photo: JJ Aguilarte For four days, the Ministry of Popular Power for Tourism (Mintur) promoted the tourism benefits of Venezuela and the...



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Part of Tuesday October 12, 2010 Ocean Dream ship will sail from the port of La Guaira on a cruise with a Latin atmosphere and all inclusive system, which will visit Curacao, Colon Free Zone (Panama), the walled city of Cartagena de Indias , the historic Santa...


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Most histories of Venezuela commence in the year 1498, when the navigator Christopher Columbus first laid eyes on the Orinoco River and declared that it must flow directly from Eden, the biblical paradise. Of course, Columbus was the first European to visit South...

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