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Venezuela-Sun & Sea

Part of Tuesday October 12, 2010 Ocean Dream ship will sail from the port of La Guaira on a cruise with a Latin atmosphere and all inclusive system, which will visit Curacao, Colon Free Zone (Panama), the walled city of Cartagena de Indias , the historic Santa Marta and the sunny Aruba. "This is big news, as it offers a much more international cruise leaving from La Guaira. We are adding the port of Colon in Panama, which is free area ideal for shopping, we will bring passengers Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador, and with the advantage that lowers the cost for the travelers of the Greater Caracas area and the Midwest by not having to pay a fare to the island of Margarita, "said José Manuel Martín International Director of Pullmantur. The change of the island of Margarita from the port of La Guaira is because the ship was carrying four seasons of nine months each with the same itinerary, so the thought Pullmantur Management (...)

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Venezuela-De Valera

The complete path to find the north-central Andes is to start the tour in Trujillo, going from James, and continuing south via Timotes in Merida to the moor. THE DOOR TO THE ANDES Despite the existence of several Valera hotels and inns on the road to La Puerta, the majority of visitors is up to the last for the many tourist facilities are concentrated in one place. The Plaza Bolívar is the focus of visitors passing through or staying La Puerta seen which is surrounded by local selling crafts, strawberries and cream and other "typical." While residents often go to the Green Valley CC with its trendy shops and fair food. Because of its popularity, the door is full of guesthouses. It would be unusual not to find somewhere to stay overnight, because a single pass through the village is sufficient to confirm that, apparently, there is hardly anyone who does not have a sign stuck to his (...)

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A partir del próximo 17 de agosto los venezolanos podrán disfrutar de una nueva cabina privada -Premium Voyageur- para vuelos internacionales de larga distancia, recientemente lanzando por Air France. Son 21 asientos destinados para esta nueva clase en un espacio que abarca la misma área que antes ocupaban 40 asientos los cuales estarán ubicados entre la clase business y la clase económica, pero inspirada en la clase affaires (ejecutiva). estar a gusto Gérard Stochitch, gerente general, de Air France para Venezuela explicó que la aerolínea "pone a disposición de sus clientes y en nuestros aviones Boeing 777, Airbus A330s, Airbus A340s y A380 una clase, única en Venezuela y otros destinos, que permite viajar con un alto nivel de confort a precios competitivos, diseñada para pasajeros que viajan por motivos profesionales y para aquellos que prefieran pagar por mayor comodidad que la ofrecida en clase Voyageur". Por supuesto que los beneficios son múltiples ya que brinda un (...)

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One of the wonders that gives us the Venezuelan Amazon is the hill with its majestic Autana vertical wall of pure tropical vegetation, but how to get there. I got an affordable solution called Orinoco Lodge Inns chain Tropical House that made me forget my worries. Inn is a well maintained camp type of Indian architecture and design located 20 minutes from Puerto Ayacucho, capital of Amazonas. Autana Hill is a plateau 1,300 m high and was declared a National Monument in 1978. Inside the hill there is a cave 395 m long and 40 m in height consisting entirely of quartz. Autana visit is an unforgettable experience and the tour will give you the opportunity to know the true nature intact Venezuelan Indians living there. If you are adventurous and have the strength, I recommend this trip. It lasts 5 days. To reach the inn, there are several ways. The fastest and (...)

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